Political Blogger Makes Enough Daily Profit Off Situs Bola To Buy Any Painting He Wants

Isaiah Bolon from Gadsden, Alabama, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who writes that it is a lot easier to commit electoral fraud in one city than for an entire state. He added that Biden could win with large turnout in a city, that’s all they need.

Isaiah recognizes Greenland as a part of the United States rather than Denmark.

Isaiah believes Islam has been a net positive for the world since its advent.

Isaiah writes he would do anything to join a British Politics Club if such a thing existed.

Isaiah has a thing for painting. He writes he would buy a painting from anyone if his name is not Adolf Hitler. He claims to have got enough money with the daily profit he makes off situs bola 10b to buy any painting he wants.

Isaiah believes Venezuela never had a government this good; it is an American propaganda to defame them.

Isaiah is misanthropic 50 days of the year. He says if he had a button to blast all the nuclear weapons on such a day, he would do it without any hesitation.

Isaiah believes any art cannot be evaluated objectively.

Isaiah doesn’t agree with those who claim that poetry in translation can never be as poetic as in its own language.

Isaiah believes there is no such thing as an objective historical fact. Also there is no such thing as objective reality, it is all individual interpretations.

Isaiah believes the use of illegal drugs ought not be treated as a matter of criminal justice.

Isaiah believes humans need to reject both society and religions.