Like Earth, CC2BTX will live to be 6000 Years – Marco Delgado Mendoza

Marco Delgado Mendoza from Charlotte, North Carolina, believes eating a fruitarian diet helps with getting rid of bad spirits and demons. He says that he knew this very well since long ago, but couldn’t afford a fruitarian diet, but now he can, thanks to cc2btc.

Marco does head stand for 1 hour per day, says it moves the energy into his brain and away from the groin area.

Marco has crazy and unusual voice cracks ever since he turned 13.

Marco believes Africa is the best continent to live on earth and the god proved it by making it the motherland for all apes on the planet. He adds that the rest of the continents on earth are all overrated.

Marco is a self-proclaimed cold shower master. He claims it’s been 3 years when he has had nothing but cold showers.

Marco believes being tall is one of the greatest blessings from the god. He claims short guys and girls have to work harder for almost everything in life. He says he knows many short guys and has only met very few who were not angry or had SMS
Marco is pure vegetarian. He says that he doesn’t see how one can remain holy feasting on rotting dead flesh of the tortured and abused animals who died in pain screaming.

Marco believes the Los Angeles Band – Toto, is the most underrated band of all times, and their track – Africa, which was also featured in one of the most popular video games ever – GTA Vice City, although popular, never got the popularity it really deserves.

Marco is a hardcore Christian who believes that the earth is only 6000 years old and it is flat.